Step into Freedom with Trendy Juttis This Independence Day

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Independence Day is coming, and don't we love the spirit of the day? As we celebrate Independence, we must embrace our freedom and express ourselves through fashion. Fashion is a great way to express freedom by wearing multicoloured clothes and footwear. 

And how would you like to celebrate your freedom with a pair of closed shoes for ladies? These exquisite footwear pieces not only add a touch of charm to your outfit but also make a strong fashion statement. Let your feet talk with some of the most stylish juttis in town this Independence Day. 

From multicoloured embellished juttis to soft pastel colours with intricate embroidery, find your style and give your feet the comfort they deserve for any occasion. Gone are the days when flat sandals for women were the only option for footwear, style your feet in these exquisite pieces of juttis. This blog post lists our top picks that are trending - 

Style yourself by picking up the best juttis -

1. BLUSH Juttis:


The BLUSH juttis are perfect for those who love understated elegance. A pink base hosting a beautiful line of floral motifs across the face. And, the intricate embroidery using zari and pearl and the ornate flowers cut out of hand-cut organza complete the front of the juttis. Also, the delicate and feminine juttis will go well with all types of ethnic wear and are perfect for every occasion, whether a wedding function or your wedding. With their soft pastel hues and intricate embroidery, these juttis blend style and comfort. Finally, slip into these beauties and let your feet feel the freedom of movement. 

2. SHE's A SUNFLOWER Juttis:


The word Sunflower gives a vibrant touch to these juttis. They are a burst of colour and bring out energy to your outfit with the colours in it. And, the juttis are perfect for every outfit because of the intricate pastel colours; they are crafted with a cool blue denim base and delicate sunflowers on the front, adding a touch of sophistication to your footwear. Also, the bold and cheerful design of these juttis will instantly lift your spirits and add a pop of joy to your ensemble. Celebrate the essence of Independence with these eye-catching juttis that will make you shine wherever you go. Therefore, one should add these jutti for women to your footwear collection. 

3. SUMMER LOVIN’ Juttis:


Add to your footwear collection the Summer Loving juttis - a fusion of the Bohemian style and traditional craftsmanship. Also, the juttis have a base of luxurious beige suede in a warm sand tone adding a touch of artistry to the perfect canvas. And, we all know Summer is the season of love, joy, and freedom. One can capture the essence of this season perfectly with the SUMMER LOVIN designer Punjabi jutti. With their playful patterns and vibrant colours, these juttis are a breath of fresh air. Finally, the embroidery of the juttis Lets your feet bask in the freedom of summer as you step out in style. 

4. Peace Lily Juttis:

Peace Lily Juttis

The peace lily juttis are the best pair to add to your collection because of the pretty flowers in shades of pink, green, and blue beautifully printed on a white base. The juttis named after the serene flower; these juttis embody tranquillity and peace. The delicacy of the embroidery and soothing colours of the Peace Lily juttis creates a sense of serenity, allowing you to celebrate inner peace and freedom. Add to your collection and slip into these juttis to experience a sense of calm and liberation with every step. Finally, pair the flat shoes for women with your favourite jeans and a fabulous summer dress. 



Bring cheer this summer with the new fresh pair of SUMMER DREAMS juttis. The juttis offer a mellow off-white base with a veritable garden of dreams made out of delicate flowers and colourful beads. These juttis are all about embracing your goals and aspirations. The intricate designs and vibrant hues of these juttis will help you make a statement.  And you can show the world that you are ready to conquer your dreams, one step at a time. The best part of the juttis is that one can dress them with all types of summer dresses, jeans, and kurtas because of the multicoloured texture. 

Conclusion -

Embracing freedom and indulging in trendy juttis this Independence Day is a perfect way to celebrate the spirit of liberation. These stylish and comfortable footwear options add a touch of traditional elegance to your ensemble and symbolise the essence of freedom and individuality. Add a pop of colour to your footwear collection with Pastels and Pop. Complete your outfits by adding our trendy style of juttis with our multicoloured, intricate embroidery, heavy embellishments, and beads to bring out the aesthetics of your juttis. So, this Independence Day, let your feet do the talking and experience the joy of freedom as you walk with confidence and style.

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