La Dolce Vita

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Beautiful jutti's in gorgeous packaging for your special day



Bride Juttis

"I absolutely loved your juttis! I ordered 'Blush' for my wedding and 'Golden Symphony' for reception and they were perfect! Super comfortable too! Here are pics from my wedding highlighting your juttis!"

Priya Patel, New Jersey

juttis for Groom and Bride

"Thank you for the lovely juttis. They went perfect with my outfit and I felt comfortable all night long! Here is a picture from the wedding."

Rezuena Ahmed, New York

Bride with Traditional Juttis

“I have been a Pastels and Pop loyalist since 2015 when I bought my first pair of juttis from them! I have more than 20 P&P pairs in my closet today! They are the most comfortable juttis I have ever worn and I can spend a whole day running around in them."

Anusha venugopal, San Francisco

Traditional Groom juttis

I also gifted a pair of #pastelsandpop to all my friends at the wedding and needless to say, they loved the juttis!"

Sandeep Gangundi, San Francisco

Designer Juttis

"First of all, it was my big day! I didn't want anything less than the best. I chose P&P juttis because their designs are amazingly beautiful."

Anushree Gowri, San Jose

Client Review With designer pastels and pop juttis

“The bestest juttis in the market!! You will find me proudly wearing P&P juttis all the time. Their styles are unique and the quality is top notch!"

Surabhi Prahalad, San Jose