India is an endless treasure trove of art; in her narrowest gullies and the most remote areas of her countryside, you will find pieces of art, often amidst modest India is an endless treasure trove of art; in her narrowest gullies and the most remote areas of her countryside, you will find pieces of art, often amidst modest surroundings. 

One such artifact that is slowly marking a return into people’s hearts is the Punjabi Jutti, also known as jooti, khussa and mojri. These petite traditional Indian juttis are created using intricate embroidery techniques that involve various elements such as silk threads, beads and sequins. To make it palatable to modern taste, designers are also turning to contemporary styling to add that little bit of quirk and edge.

The Jutti is recorded to having first been used by Indian royalty way back in the 16th century. These were elaborate versions, heavily bedecked with gold, silver, pearls and gemstones. With time, however, the Jutti was toned down considerably so as to better suit the general public.

The primary centres of Punjabi Jutti making are Amritsar and Patiala, and other towns like Ludhiana, Fazilka, Faridkot and Abohar. The art is so important to this region that the government has established a Footwear Design and Development Institute in Patiala to assist the artisans in the design and sales processes of Jutti creation.

Today, the Punjabi Juttis have arrived back in style, and how! This trend isn’t your usual retro fad that disappears after a brief upsurge; it is safe to say that the Jutti revolution is here to stay. This sensation owes much of its success to the designers and makers thinking out of the box to create designer jutti collections that swing comfortably between elegantly ethnic to eyeball-grabbing Bohemian. This flexibility of a single type of shoes blending seamlessly with a diverse wardrobe, from a tee-and-jeans look to a wedding outfit, has made many challenge the notion of Western footwear being the ultimate answer and the only option for any occasion.

To add to the above, the Jutti has also managed to solve a practical problem that ladies face with conventional footwear. Not every woman is comfortable in a pair of high heels. What if you were told that there is a way to dress up your feet for a party or a Sangeet and not feel like sawing your leg off at the end of the night? ‘Sign me up!’ would be the most common answer. The right pair of Juttis on your feet can make you feel light as air, while also leaving people in awe with the aesthetics of it.
While Punjab and other parts of North India are quite familiar with Punjabi Juttis, there is a growing appeal around the Jutti revolution in South India as well. Indeed, a healthy majority of our clients here at Pastels and Pop are based out of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, among other South Indian cities. The fact that it has generated quite a following in other countries such as the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore, UAE and others, only serves as the icing to this cake. This is an encouraging indicator and quite a testimonial in favour of this timeless Indian work of art.

All the above factors have contributed to reviving the Jutti making industry. In fact a few years ago, many traditional Jutti artisans were turning to construction work and other occupations due to poor demand, among other reasons. Fortunately, the Jutti revolution has provided a means of sustainable income to these skilled craftsmen, while helping keep one of Northern India’s most treasured sartorial heritage alive.

The Jutti revolution has made the fashion world sit up and take notice. Though there is still plenty of room for innovation and to further its reach, there is no denying the huge amount of allure towards the online Jutti space. And why not! Juttis seem to be the perfect fit for a wide spectrum of clothes; be it for a casual day out with the girls, a night of drinks and dance, or a sophisticated wedding affair. You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of Juttis! 
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