Now that we had selected the final 6 sketches from the ‘design your jutti’ entries, it was time for the second step in this journey: to transform them into beautiful handcrafted Juttis by applying the Pastels and Pop magic.
We first went about deciding on the sort of elements we would need to create these gorgeous shoes. The sourcing mantra was simple: the choice should not only suit our brand’s color palette and aesthetic, but should also do justice to the intricacies of the selected sketches. And so an assortment of fabrics, materials, and embellishments were carefully assembled.
We acquired a few of our most dependable fabrics in cotton, silk and crepe, while jute made its much-awaited debut in the P&P repertoire. You will notice how we have nudged the base colours in these sketches towards our brand’s palette, in a bid to make the Juttis more versatile. Shades like green, blue, beige, and cream have been thoughtfully cherry-picked to complement a wide range of outfits for the upcoming festive season.
With embellishments, it was a potpourri of colour and sparkle. From elements like raffia and anchor threads, to metal sequins and glass beads, we had collected enough to play with! 
The motifs featured in each sketch are the essence of Anthology. Though we had created 3D peacock centrepieces before, these were a whole different story! The design pattern used for the bees, tropical birds, parrots, dream catcher and tulip ornaments was a completely new but satisfying challenge for us.
pair of handcrafted juttisdancing in the rain
enchanting dreamsBirds of paradise
dearly bee lovedsweet romance
 7 months of painstaking efforts by 3 designers, 12 karigars, along with our back-end team, and the 6 fabulous designs, which won our hearts in 2020, now was in front of our very eyes in 2022. And they were all even more beautiful than we could imagine! We can proudly say, the effort which our tribe put in to make these sketches was met with the dedication and talent of our brilliant team. Shout-out to our bunch of creative geniuses!
True to its name, The Anthology is a collection of different styles of the best designer juttis seamlessly brought together. The neutral tones of a Dearly bee-loved or an Enchanting Dreams make these pairs your go-to’s for everyday wear. On the other hand, Dancing in the Rain and Sweet Romance go bold with the pop shades of yellow, pink, orange and blue, to amp up the grandeur of your festive wardrobe. No matter the occasion or time of day, this Jutti collection has it all!
designer juttis     Punjabi jutti
juttis      ladies footwear
juttis for women      festive juttis
The names of these women’s Juttis are an interesting take on the unique illustrations featured on them. The karigars, designers and everyone at Pastels and Pop are thrilled with the final outcome and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them too!

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