A Collection of Stylish Juttis For Bride and The Groom

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The wedding season is here, and so is our ultimate collection of juttis for the bride, the groom and their loved ones. When it comes to dressing up for a wedding or getting ready for your wedding, there are some things that one should consider. The most important is adding sophisticated and stylish pieces of women's and men's juttis.

A person's outfit is complete with adding a beautiful pair of juttis to their outfit. Also, the juttis add style and an artistic look to your outfit. It's your wedding day, and you have to look your best. Right? And what better way to add grace to your wedding outfit than with a pair of subtle juttis?

Every detail of your outfit counts, but what you wear on your foot completes the elegance of your outfit. The pair of juttis should match the shades of your outfit. This blog explores the different juttis for the groom and bride to match with varying shades of wedding outfits. Complete the outfit with accessories.

Here are the six different pairs of juttis for both

1. Best Man Mojris For The Groom

Best Man Mojris For The Groom

The design of the Best Man pair falls under the category of mojris rather than juttis. The simple and beautiful design of the best man, Mojris, is a perfect match for every man out there. And, the pair of mojris has ikkat fabric with a striking pattern of black and grey, along with the typical business of the ikkat pattern. Also, keep in mind the beauty of the design, the mojris are incredibly comfortable and fit perfectly according to the shape of your foot to bring ease of wearing them for a more extended period.

2. Maroon Juttis For the Bride :

Maroon Juttis For the Bride

The shade of maroon is associated with the shade of a bride in our culture. What would be more ideal than choosing a pair of juttis that perfectly match your lehenga? And, the pair of ladies' jutti is crafted with a velvet base and hand embroidered with antique gold metallic thread created using the zardosi technique. Therefore, our artisans have created a design all over the juttis through this technique. What makes these juttis stand out? The combination of velvet and zardosi together.

3. Mirza Juttis For The Groom

Best Man Mojris For The Groom

The design of the juttis is inspired by the Mughal era—a tribute to the refined palette. The pair of juttis are made from the pastel shade of green, forming a base with an on-colour floral pattern. The juttis is designed with complete attention to detail by using threads and sequins. Pairing the juttis with a similar shade of sherwani or your wedding outfit would be the perfect upgrade.

4. Chandni Juttis For The Bride :

 Chandni Juttis For The Bride

Are you looking to add Chandni to your wedding outfit? The gorgeous silver pair of shoes are simple and enchanting as they add shimmers to your overall look. Add a pair of juttis with your wedding lehenga with accessories that match perfectly. The juttis have a beautiful floral jaal made with nakshi, dabka, and zari. Along with this, the juttis are topped with silver beads and white pearls on the front and back of the grey base.

5. Maharaja Juttis For The Groom

Maharaja Juttis For The Groom

These men's juttis will help you make a statement as royal as their design. This is it if you want something that adds a classy touch to your wedding outfit. The juttis have a rich, neutral, raw silk base embroidered beautifully with beige threads and finished with cream pearls; the juttis are a way to show impeccable craftsmanship. Make your wedding day the best with these Maharaja pair of juttis.

6. Diva Black Juttis For The Bride

Diva Black Juttis For The Bride

The black jutti for girls are the right choice to capture the essence of the beautiful black shade with golden zari dots embroidered overall on the juttis. The design of the juttis add a touch of grace and simplicity to your wedding outfit, or wear the juttis pieces to your wedding reception by pairing them with a black saree or something in an ethnic wear suit set. Show off style with these floral patterned and soft colour palette juttis.


A collection of stylish juttis for both the bride and the groom offers a perfect blend of tradition and fashion. These intricately designed footwear options add charm to the wedding ensemble and reflect the cultural heritage. With their unique embellishments, vibrant colours, and comfortable fit, juttis provide a stylish and elegant touch to the overall look. With Pastels and Pop's collection of juttis, slay your beautiful ethnic outfits on your wedding day. The craftsmanship of the juttis makes these juttis stand out from the crowd. Embrace the richness of our skilled artists and look stunning for your wedding day.

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