In April 2020, when the world was engulfed in uncertainty and anxiety, we tried to cheer our Pastels and Pop tribe by playing some fun games and contests on our social media accounts.
One such contest was the ‘Design your Jutti’ contest which was something we put up as an Instagram story for a 24 hour duration. 
design your jutti
The response for the contest was so overwhelming that we received more than 1000 entries! 
Some of these sketches were so well made that we wanted to bring out the talent of these artists in the public eye. We decided to extend the contest and declared that we would be choosing 6 designs that will be converted into handcrafted juttis by our team of talented designers and karigars and we will also launch it as a collection of designer juttis on our website. 
We picked 6 sketches that were so distinct from one another but they all had one thing in common : a beautiful theme. 
Handcrafted juttis
designer juttis
designer juttis
We were to start working on the collection later in 2020 but with the covid lockdown in place, followed by multiple waves of the pandemic meant our plans for this collection kept getting pushed further out. 
In February this year, we finally started working on this collection of juttis for women, and it has been nothing short of magic. I believe this is one of our best leather juttis collections yet - as it has ideas from multiple creative minds and the karigari of some of the best artisans in the country. 
Stay tuned to our very special collection of punjabi juttis - ‘The Anthology’. 

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