Care Instructions

Each piece is individually hand crafted in India, by the finest artisans using traditional embroidery techniques passed from generation to generation.

Some amount of variation is intrinsic to the nature of such handmade products making each creation as unique as the beautiful person who wears it. 

Although we provide the finest quality pieces, they must be handled with care and delicacy.

  • Please avoid contact with hard and abrasive surfaces, though we take every precaution in securing delicate beads, sequins and other embellishments onto our products, they might come loose or fall off if rubbed against or thrown around.
  • Wrap your juttis in muslin cloth. The softness of muslin cloth is easy on your product, proctect's it from dust and lets it breathe. 
  • Keep your jutti's away from moisture, if at all exposed to moisture, please dry them in sun for 3-4 hours before putting them back in the muslin cloth.
  • Dry clean ONLY!