Top 7 Must-Have Juttis for Every Bride's Wedding Trousseau

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Every bride would agree to the fact that when it comes to her wedding trousseau, every detail matters. And why not? It's the wedding we are talking about. Why should we even compromise on anything? Everything should be perfect, from the stunning attire to the intricate jewelry. However, one essential element that often gets overlooked is the footwear. We know that no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of footwear. And what better way to add a touch of elegance and tradition to your bridal collection than with a stunning pair of closed shoes for ladies, traditionally called juttis? They have now become a must-have accessory for modern brides, and Pastels & Pop has curated a collection of exquisite juttis that will leave you mesmerized. So, let's dive in and discover our top 7 must-have juttis for every bride's wedding trousseau.

Pastels & Pop's Best Juttis For Bride's Wedding Trousseau:


Sunshine Yellow Juttis

Just like the name, these golden juttis for ladies are like sunshine on your feet. Adorned with elegant and intricate zardosi and pearl embroidery, these pair of juttis are just perfect for brides who want to add sparkling spirit to their wedding attire. The flamboyant mustard yellow color of the jutti's fabric will surely brighten up any of the bride's outfits, making it a must-have piece.

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams Jutti

It's not just the wedding function when the bride has to deck herself. There are plenty of other functions, too. So, if you are adorning any floral pastel lehenga, then this Summer Dream jutti for women is for you. With a mellow off-white base, the jutti features delicate floral embroidery and colorful beads. As it is multicolored, it is easy to pair with a wide range of ensembles alike.


Rimjhim pastel and pop jutti

Add something playful and whimsical to your wedding trousseau with our Rimjhim juttis featuring elegant rows of cutdana and pearls on an elegant nude base fabric. The back of the juttis features gorgeous tassels made of long glass beads, which add a shimmer look to your outfit. These juttis are just perfect for loving brides who want to make a statement and want to cherish an ethereal feel.


Sitaara Black Juttis

Looking for a unique black jutti for girls that will go with your sangeet outfit? Your search has found its way to Sitaara. This is a black gem jutti, which is beautifully hand embroidered with brilliant twinkling stars that look like a diamond in the sky. The silver-on-black combination goes seamlessly, perfect for your wedding outfits that feature royal black and silver colors.


Not all brides love to adorn high heels with their wedding outfits, and some look for comfy yet trendy flat shoes for women that will perfectly sparkle with their wedding outfits. Crimson is one such pair of juttis from our collection. Featuring zardosi and silk knots embroidery on a bright red base, this pair will surely have every bride's heart.


Red hoor jutti

Red color accessories are never enough for any bride's trousseau, so here we bring you another gorgeous red jutti embroidered with delicate bunches of flowers in unique colors. The back of the jutti features delicate 3D flowers in gold, making this footwear a truly work of art as it takes over three days to make each piece. One-of-a-kind footwear every bride would love to have in her collection.


If you are a bride who wants to channel her inner royalty, then our Jharoka juttis are a beautiful bled of old-world charm and contemporary design. These juttis feature embroidery with glass beads around the neutral base of silver and champagne gold, which adds a touch of sophistication to your bridal ensemble. This jutti is a true masterpiece that will surely brighten up your special day!

Key Takeaway!

In conclusion, no bride's wedding trousseau is complete without the perfect pair of juttis. Pastels & Pop's collection of juttis offers a wide range of designs, colors, and styles to suit every bride's taste and preference. Whether you prefer closed shoes for ladies or flat shoes for women, our top 7 must-have juttis are sure to elevate your bridal ensemble and make you feel like a true queen on your special day. So go ahead and step into elegance and tradition with Pastels & Pop's exquisite juttis.

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