And just like that, Pastels and Pop has turned 3 this month! For all the love and support we have garnered from all you amazing people, we cannot thank you all enough. A big, warm hug from all of us here at Pastels and Pop! 
As a small token of gratitude, we are including a special gift with each order placed and fulfilled this birthday month. Every time you order with us this month, you will receive a customised bag with your name monogrammed on top of it. We hope these pretty little bags reflect what we think this label is all about - you!
We have kept ourselves quite busy these 3 years, breaking into fairly unknown territory, working our way up, to having the honour of being one of the most well-known Jutti brands in India. An overview of how far we have come along:
1. From taking offline orders through WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, we have now moved into an online store, while having an ever-expanding follower base on Instagram and Facebook supporting our website.
2. Starting with just 5 Jutti designs at launch, our catalogue has expanded in size as well as quality, with a total of 75 products currently offered.
3. Pastels and Pop had started with the original 3 who founded the company. The family has now grown to 21, with some seriously talented people working across departments like design, operations, content, and so on (and we are still looking for more of you who would like to join the family!).
4. The first few orders we handled were hand packed and shipped out of our founders’ home itself! We did need to move into a dedicated space, however, to handle the increased volumes. We are now based out of a 2000 square-foot workshop.
5. One of our major achievements over the years was launching the Pastels and Pop clothing line last July. It wasn’t easy, but we always knew that our amazing customers would make sure that it would be a success. Still, we are blown away by the response we get online as well as in exhibitions, and are truly humbled by the love we have received.
We know you are hungry for more, and you can be sure we are on it. We have lots of exciting things lined up this year, starting with the launch of a whole new range of juttis and apparel, along with some never-seen-before stuff that we obviously can’t reveal now 😉 This festive season is going to be an absolute carnival of colour and surprise, and we can’t wait for year 4 to roll on! You might run out of hands to hold those pretty P&P bags 😄
Once again, loads of love for being part of the 3 year old Pastels and Pop family! 
❤️ Happy shopping

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