Unveiling Our Best Punjabi Juttis for Men: Perfect for Weddings

As the wedding season approaches, everyone, especially the women, begins their preparations to bring out their best possible look. But today, we see men equally enthusiastic about their outfits and overall look. After all, gentlemen, too, deserve to make a stylish statement that perfectly complements the grandeur of special occasions.

So, when we talk of a grandeur look, how can we forget to put our attention on our footwear? Today, we will be stepping into the world of timeless elegance and sophistication, where we bring you the ultimate selection of designer Punjabi jutti for men. From vibrant colors to exquisite embroidery, we present to you our handpicked selection of Punjabi Juttis for men, ensuring that you stride confidently into any wedding celebration with a touch of regal charm.

Top Picks Of Designer Punjabi Juttis For Men:


One of the most loved and prominent Punjabi jutti for men perfectly suits its name, Maharaja. Crafted using a rich neutral raw silk base which is beautifully embroidered with beige threads and finished with cream pearls, our Maharaja jutti is the perfect complement to any men's ethnic ensemble. Whether you are wearing a simple kurta or a heavy sherwani, this footwear will surely complement your overall look. The best part about this jutti for men is the intricate embroidery that makes it stand up to its true name.

Tree of Life

Time to upgrade your footwear game with this handsome new jutti, "Tree of Life," for men. Adorned with meticulously hand-embroidered zardozi flowers and intricate foliage, the centerpiece of this exquisite creation is truly mesmerizing. Adding to its charm, twin parrots and peacock motifs gracefully rest on the bough, exuding an air of elegance. The Tree of Life jutti for men effortlessly elevates any wedding festivity ensemble, featuring a harmonious blend of gold and delicately incorporated silver sequins.


Brocode is one of those elegant juttis for men that goes perfectly well with all special occasions. It is our current favorite from the men's collection. This elegant Punjabi jutti features a beautiful pearl brocade fabric adorned with a delicate scallop pattern. Now you might have also understood where it got its name. With a perfect balance, between subtlety and ornateness, these Juttis will make you feel right at home when paired with a classy Sherwani, Bandi, or kurta.


Now, introduce you to our versatile and go-to footwear that can be easily worn on any casual day out. Gone are the days when jutti was reserved for special occasions. The Sikandar jutti features a royal navy blue denim base, which exudes a laid-back classy vibe that goes very well with dhotis, salwar, kurtas, or chinos. With our Sikandar solid-hued jutti, you can never go wrong with your looks; thus, it is a must-have in your closet.


For all the abstract lovers out there, you cannot miss out on having this absolutely lovely checkmate designer jutti for men. The base of the jutti features a striking chequered pattern of grey, white, and black. These juttis are a stunning amalgamation of two age-old handicraft techniques, handloom of ikkat and jutti making. Our mojris are for men who like to make and own a statement.


In conclusion, we can say that these were our best picks when it comes to Punjabi juttis for men. If you want to make a statement and a long-lasting impression at every wedding celebration. Time to explore our stunning range of designer juttis for men. It's time for you to step into the spotlight and elevate your footwear game, knowing that you are wearing the best from Pastel & Pops.

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