Pastels and Pop X Anushree Reddy

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Pastels and Pop X Anushree Reddy - Collaboration of dreams

When you collaborate with one of India's most loved bridal designer, you know the collection is going to be nothing short of bridal dreams. Pastels and Pop X Anushree Reddy jutti collection is a carnival of colors rarely explored or employed in designer juttis before. Every single strand of this collection speaks the language of opulence and luxury.

We have experimented with a wider color scheme inspired by the depth and width of Anushree’s palette, as well as the signature floral theme of the Anushree Reddy variety. Right down to the last pearl, sequin and fabric, only the most exquisite and sumptuous elements have made the cut. Marrying the bold with the beautiful, this jutti collection won’t just be another footnote to a wedding photograph, they carry and disperse the spirit of festivity itself.

Whether you're the bride, the bridesmaid, or the party-goer, in search of that perfect pair of comfortable designer Juttis, you are sure to find something you love in our Pastels and Pop X Anushree Reddy collection.