Bridal Juttis

Priya Patel, New Jersey

"I absolutely loved your juttis! I ordered 'Blush' for my wedding and 'Golden Symphony' for reception and they were perfect! Super comfortable too! Here are pics from my wedding highlighting your juttis!"

Priya in our 'Blush' juttis.

Client Happy Reviews on Juttis

Rezuena Ahmed, NYC

"Thank you for the lovely juttis. They went perfect with my outfit and I felt comfortable all night long! Here is a picture from the wedding." 

Rezuena in our 'Sunrise' juttis.

Pastels and Pop beautiful brides

Anusha venugopal, San Francisco

“I have been a Pastels and Pop loyalist since 2015 when I bought my first pair of juttis from them! I have more than 20 P&P pairs in my closet today! They are the most comfortable juttis I have ever worn and I can spend a whole day running around in them.

Their juttis are also extremely versatile, I pair them with a lot of my casuals at work and receive a ton of compliments every time. ⁣I love Pastels and Pop collection so much that even before I decided my wedding outfits I knew I was going to wear them for most of my events. The team also customized my 'Dancing Peacock' wedding pair for me with our initials on back on one and 'forever' on back of the other. I loved it! ”

Anusha in our customized 'Dancing Peacock' juttis. ⁣

Sandeep Gangundi San Francisco

Sandeep Gangundi, San Francisco

"I was introduced to Pastels and Pop by my fiancé who absolutely loves them! She gifted me a pair of grey 'Mogambo' juttis for our pre-wedding shoot and I loved the simplicity and comfort. For my wedding I wanted a pair of comfortable ethnic shoes to pair with my silk dhoti kurta and their 'Mahiwal' juttis fit the bill perfectly!  

I also gifted a pair of #pastelsandpop to all my friends at the wedding and needless to say, they loved the juttis!"

Sandeep in 'Mahiwal' juttis.

Bridal Designer Punjabi Juttis

Anushree Gowri, San Jose

"First of all, it was my big day! I didn't want anything less than the best. I chose P&P juttis because their designs are amazingly beautiful and they have juttis in all possible colors that matched my sarees. I got the 'Gold Dust' and 'Coral'. The 'Gold Dust' goes with every Indian outfit and 'Coral' added that color pop to the bridal look. Their service is also super fast and they make sure you get the right fit. These P&P juttis never let me down during all the 10 elaborate events I had during my wedding!"

Anushree in 'Coral' juttis.

 Stylish Juttis Match with Every Attire

Surabhi Prahalad, San Jose

“The bestest juttis in the market!! You will find me proudly wearing P&P juttis all the time. Their styles are unique and the quality is top notch! I have been wearing them from 5 years and they are a staple in my shoe closet!

The best thing about their juttis is that they are versatile, stylish, comfortable & durable. I found the cushioning so comfortable that I wore my #pastelsandpop juttis for 3 days straight during my trip to Udaipur."

Surabhi in our 'Golden Symphony' juttis. ⁣

Krupanka Vijay, Washington DC

Krupanka Vijay, Washington DC

"I bought two pairs of P&P's - 'Gold Dust' and 'Royale' and love them both so much that I can't decide which one I like better. Will be wearing them on my wedding day!"

Krupanka in 'Royale II'.


Prachi & Vedant, Jaipur

Prachi & Vedant, Jaipur

“I have been in love with #pastelsandpop from the day I came across them so they were an obvious choice for my wedding footwear. Best decision ever!!! I spent my entire mehendi day dancing around in them and they were so comfortable! I was also thrilled that they have juttis for men and now my husband loves them too!”

Prachi in 'Golden⁣ Symphony' and 'Vedant' in 'Brocode'.

Shreyas Satish, Bangalore

Shreyas Satish, Bangalore

"I’ve seen a lot of friends and family adorn and fall in love with Pastels and Pop juttis over the years. Hence when they came out with their mens collection, it was only natural to bend towards the brand. I wore them for my best friends wedding in Rajasthan and not only were the designs admired through the 5 day grand Indian wedding, but also the comfort level was a notch above.

Not everyone will vouch for comfort when it comes to juttis but the Pastels and Pop juttis were really comfortable and added a lot of glam to the wedding outfits. It’s definitely an IT choice and am also looking forward to add them to my casual day to day wardrobe. Thank you #PastelsandPop for comfort and glamour packaged into one!"

Shreyas in our 'Gabbar' juttis.

Sahana Dwarakanath, Cupertino

Sahana Dwarakanath, Cupertino

 "Pastels and Pop makes the loveliest and most comfortable juttis I have ever tried! All their styles are so gorgeous and well made and don't require any breaking in! 

For my wedding I chose P&P juttis as I wanted something that is comfortable, stylish and pairs well with ethnic wardrobe. I also wear a lot of their designs with my casuals and always get compliments."

Sahana in our 'Gold Dust' juttis.

Manpreet Kaur, Hyderabad

Manpreet Kaur, Hyderabad

“I have always been a hard core punjaban who has always cherished her culture and traditions. Over the years, mom & me use to wait in anticipation for a friend or relative from Punjab to get us juttis. 
But today, with so many online brands, I'm so glad to have found Pastels & Pop. I have around 7 pairs now to flaunt and counting on more. I will always vouch for their designs, workmanship, quality and comfort which has never gone wrong. Thank you and kudos to the whole team of P&P."
Manpreet in 'Bohemian Treasure'.
Arpita Pantmirashi, Abu Dhabi

Arpita Pantmirashi, Abu Dhabi

"Thank you so much for sending these juttis on time. They’re beautiful, comfortable and most importantly no shoe bites! Kudos to your entire team for making my birthday and Diwali so sparkly."

Arpita in our 'Kohinoor' juttis.


Sneha Sriram, Bangalore

Sneha Sriram, Bangalore

"Thank you so much for everything that you guys do! Love your juttis! They paired beautifully with my saree and were perfect for my wedding!️"

 Sneha in 'Best Friend' juttis.

Jeevitha Belliappa, Bangalore

Jeevitha Belliappa, Bangalore

"My very own dream come true moment with the #pastelsandpop "Best Friend" juttis on my big day. Can't get enough of this beautiful pair!! Thank you so much for everything! You guys are the best <3"

Jeevitha in our 'Best Friend' juttis.


Choosing juttis for my wedding was a cake walk all thanks to the wonderful, talented and amazing Bangalore based designers - Pastels and Pop. Their juttis oozed elegance, style and sophistication. It seemed as if each jutti was handcrafted for my outfits. The juttis were comfortable and fit perfectly. 

What made my experience of working with them so special was their team! The team was always available to update about orders, suggest designs and make everything so much smoother. I wore their designs for my Sangeet (Grace), Wedding (Crimson) and reception (Midnight Gold) and will continue to flaunt them for years to come!Thank you! Loads of love.❤️

- Upasana Prasad, Bangalore

Ordered 4 pairs, even though the sizes weren't available at the time, they made it happen and delivered in time!

I was nervous about the size since I was ordering it based just on the online description and I never get juttis because I'm a US size 10. But they fit beautifully and are so comfortable! 

Thank you Pastels and pop for these amazing shoes and for taking the extra effort with the sizes and delivery! Really appreciate it! 💛

- Anchita Venkatesh, USA

"I recently ordered a pair of juttis (the firecracker pair for Diwali) as a gift for my friend. We stay in Dubai, however, as my sister was coming down from Bangalore I ordered the pair through her. My friend was really happy and excited and I'd like to say a BIG thank you to you for designing such amazing products. You have not only made her day (because she's a HUGE fan of your juttis)  but also mine, and made our Diwali all the more special. 

P.S. I loved how personalized and well packaged it was, I didn't need to put any effort to make it look like a gift. So keep up the good work, and I tried posting a review for it however I was unable to find any section. Nonetheless, I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future. Thanks once again! Cheers!"

Roshini Shetty, Dubai

I have no words to express how happy I am with my absolutely gorgeous 12 pairs. Each and every one of them are beautifuly crafted and extremely comfortable.

Excellent customer service 💛
Thank you and already looking forward to ordering again in the future.

- Sidra Gondal, United Kingdom